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100W 150W Dynamic co2 laser marking machine

100W 150W Dynamic co2 laser marking machine adopts America advanced RF metal laser tube and high-speed laser scanning system. Using software control modules,low power consumption,long life marking ,stable and perfect marking quality support,mainly marking / cutting big size jeans,leather etc.
  • SL-CO2 CO2 100W/150W
  • Speedy Laser
  • 8456100090
Product Description:
America RF Coherent metal laser generator, perfect laser beam and life.
• Specialized for non-metal materials engraving and cutting.
• Larger working scope and finer Laser spot.
• Front and dynamic focusing technology.
• Durable and stable; Low power consumption.
• Pre-tuned ready-to-use isolated Laser optics system.
Applying in all of non metal materials such jeans,embroidry,leather, widely used in cards,hang tags,garment washing,all kinds of tea drinks,medicines and other packing industry,electronic components,wood carvings and other products serial number,serial number, random number,bar code,2d barcode and various arbitrary patterns and text.
Technical parameters:
     Item Name                                Technical Parameter
     Model                                  SL-CO2 100W/150W
     Laser power                                   100W /150W
     Laser wavelength                                         10.64um
     Laser type            America Coherent metal RF laser source
     Minimum line width                                        0.02mm
    Galvo scanner head                                       CTI (USA)
    Marking line speedy                              ≤7000mm/s
    Marking depth                                0.01-0.5mm
    Marking area       300×300mm/ 500×500mm/600×600mm/800×800mm
    Power consumption                                   5KWH
    Operating voltage                        110V- 240V/50-60Hz/15A
    Cooling                                     Water Cooling
    Package                        Standard export wooden case

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