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2022 New Hand held fiber laser engraving machine

Hand-held model fiber laser marking machine,Compact design, easy to move, hand-held operate.
Built in touch screen display for easier operation,Air cooled, machine total weight only 7KG
  • SL-TH 20W / 30W / 50W
  • Speedy Laser
  • Small handheld
Laser Power:

      Speedy Laser 20W 30W 50W Hand held fiber laser marking engraving machine

Product Description:

SL-TH Series second generation is finally lauched. With a brand-new design, machine much lighter than the first 

generation - only 7KG weight. Built-in high-speed galvanometer scanner in small size, it has features of fast speed 

and accurate positioning. Long lifetime and maintenance-free, this hand-held laser marking machine is the industry

 most complete handheld fiber laser marking and engraving system.

The standard configuration of the hand-held laser marking machine allows for many different options to meet any production

 need. It can be moved easily for convenient operation from any location and is capable of marking equipment and materials 

that would not fit into traditional marking systems. It can be widely used in industry of electronics, food, construction,

 hardware, auto-parts, etc. User can create characters, part numbers, logos, graphics, and barcodes and print them out.

Technical Parameters:


              SL-TH 20W

          SL-TH 30W

    Case material

         Anodized aluminum structure

    Laser type

        JPT / Max Fiber laser source

    Output power

         ≥ 20W

            ≥ 30W

    Laser wavelength


    Marking method

         High-precision two-dimensional scanning method

    Line speed


    Control system

   Highly- integrated motherboard,  a 7-inch touch display built-in. Can be  connected  to extra 10-inch touch screen.

    Operating system


    Cooling system

        Air cooling

     Marking line

        Dot matrix and vector

     Reflector size

        Standard size:8.5mm

     Marking range


     Positioning method

        Red light positioning

     Lines of marking

        Any number of lines within the marking range

    Marking speed

650 characters/sec (the specific speed is related to product material and printing contents)  


Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Arabic numerals and other standard font libraries

    File format


    Bar code / QR code

       CODE39,CODE128,CODE126,QR,DM, visual code, etc.

    Power Supply

        220V  50-60HZ

    Max power

      ≤ 200W                                                         ≤ 250W      


      7 kg



    Control box



        Carton Package

    Working temperature


    Working humidity

      30%-85% RH (no condensing)

handheld laser 20W

    20W 30W 50W Hand held fiber laser marking engraving machine

speedy laser hand heldfiber laser handheld

        SL-FH 20W 30W 50W Hand held fiber laser marking engraving machine


Hand-held type fiber laser marking machine for a wide range of application, mainly for all kinds of metal and most plastic. Can be held to mark any position of some big and heavy products which can not be moved easily. Especially suitable for hardware tools, kitchenware knifes, plastic products, metal jewelry, buttons, integrate circuits, frames, plumbing fittings and other products marking. Clear, beautiful and permanent marking.

fiber laser marking 30W

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