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2pt 3pt rule auto bender machine

The machine can bending / straight cutting / lipping cutting 2pt 3 pt blade rule. Best sales machine for die board make factory. The seller provide installation & training.

  • ABM-A8105
  • Speedy Laser
  • 84622190
  • Application: steel rule bending
  • rule thickness: 2 pt / 3pt
  2pt 3pt rule auto bender machine

Machine introduction:

1).Most reliable and economic bending machine that can fast & accurate bending, bridge,straight cutting and          lipping cutting function.
2). Panasonic Servo motor system + Ball-screw guide- rail in design, eradicate skidding and dislocated.
3). Unique imported mould tool design, easy to bend pattern, high precision of size, durable
      In order to guarantee precision and long-life span, transmission and control parts are imported
4).  Self-developed latest bending control system, easy to operate and upgrade available. Fully English &                Chinese interface, easy to learn how to operate, make bending work easy.
5). It can be installed soon after bending patterns form the machine, High efficiency It’s widely used in box             mould, doll mould bending, sticker die…etc..

Technical parameters:
        Bending Blade thickness(mm)                                  2pt / 3pt
         Bending Blade height(mm)                             Within 30mm
         Bridge width                  Over 5.5mm any sizes available.
         Bridge tool size                         5.5x15mm, 5.5x17.5mm
         Max. bending angle                                    100°
         Min. ARC radius of 90 degree                                 0.4MM
         Front Min. bending size                                1.5MM
        Back Min. cutting size                                1.0MM
        Feeding precision                                ±0.03mm
        Bending flatness                                ±0.2mm
       Functions   auto bending,external manual lippercutting, bridge
      Cutting method                 Twist off and Auto flat cutting
      Optimal pattern format                 Auto CAD, Core Draw files are supported
       Air supply                              0.4-0.8mpa
       Power supply                  380V 50/60Hz (Standard) 3 Phrase
      Machine total power                            1.3 KW
       Net weight.                            518 KG
       Overall dimension                   2700×1050×1320mm(L×W×H)
        H.S. Code                          84622190


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