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Crane arm laser mould welding machine

laser welder machine was originally designed for mould industry for molding and repairing of plastic molds, die-casting molds, extrusion molds, glass molds, plastic blow molds, rubber molds, molds of digital products/mobile phone/toy/automobile/motorcycle/etc. yag laser welding machine, laser power : 300W/ 400W.
  • SL-WY 300B
  • Speedy Laser
  • 8515809090
  • Laser power: 300W / 400W
  • Application: mould laser repair tools
Machine introduction:
This crane arm laser welding machine specially designed for large, medium and small mold manufacturing and maintenance industries for mold repair. Its working principle laser welding deposition welding, laser high heat energy and concentrated spot welding. The technology can effectively handle the welding and repair work of the defective part, and makes up for the shortcomings of traditional argon arc welding and cold welding technology in repairing the fine surface of welding.
Machine features:
1. The diameter of the laser welding point is adjustable, and the laser welding has high precision and high                 accuracy.
2. Choose 1064nm wavelength laser, harmless to the human body.
3.Within the heat range is small, the workpiece will not be deformed, there will be no pores.
4. Make up for the shortcomings of traditional argon arc welding, cold welding in the repair of the fine surface of    the welding, oxidation efficiency is low, the work does not change color.
5.The machine can welding narrow place, deep cavity repair welding, will not hurt the surrounding wall. It will        not deform the mold product or sink around the weld pool.
6. When welding fine corners, it will not burn edges.
7. Special argon gas protection, repair welding site and substrate will not burn oxidation.
8. Joystick control, work can be any arbitrary curve to move.
9. Microscope observation operation, small parts at a glance.
10.The machine support many wire, suitable for all kinds of imported mold material, after welding can be                  polished, etched.

Technical parameters:

    No       Item Name                           Parameter
     1               Model                        SL-WY 300B
     2      Laser power                                                        300W / 400W
      3      Laser wavelength                              1064nm
     4       Laser type                         Nd:YAG Pulse
      5       Light spot                          0.1-0.3mm
      6      Diameter of laser sopt                                                    0.2-3mm   
      7       Pulse energy                             90J
     8       Pulse width                          0.3—20ms
      9       Pulse frequency                  Less 50Hz adjustable
     10       Laser cooling                  Water chiller 2 PH
     11       Welding wire diameter                    0.1-0.8mm
    12        Power consumption                           6 KW
    13        Observing system                Microscope (360° adjustable)
    14        Operating Voltage                   220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
Mould dies repair laser welding machine 300W 400W
laser welding machine mold
mold laser welding machine

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