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Full enclosed protection fiber laser marking machine

Full enclosed protection cover laser marking machine,design for Europe and Us customer. Full protection,much safe for operator.wide range application, mainly for all kinds of metal and most plastic. Especially suitable for hardware tools, kitchenware knifes, plastic seals products, metal jewelry, label, integrate circuits, frames, plumbing fittings and other products marking.

  • SL-FS 20W /30W /50W
  • Speedy Laser
  • 8456110090
Product Description:
1). Protection shield design, especially for foreign customers, highly integrated.
2). Safe enclosed design, in internal design, to protect safety of workers.
3). Highly sealed cabinet but with good cooling effect, can be used in any environment.

4). Using electrical buttons to control laser head up and down.

Machine features:
 1). All-in-one design of electric cabinet and working table, Industry PC & software including
 2). High space between lifting table and working table, especially for marking small size work piece.
 3). Smaller output laser beam ,fine marking line. Suitable high precision marking
4).  Inside machine enough marking area for put marking products.

Technical Parameters:
       Item Name                                         Technical Parameters
       Model            SL-FS 20W         SL-FS 30W             SL-FS 50W
       Laser power               20W             30W                50W
       Laser wavelength                                         1064nm
       Laser type                    Raycus /JPT fiber laser / IPG fiber laser
      Beam diameter                                       7mm±1
      Repeat frequency                    30KHz-60KHz          50KHz-100KHz
      Pulse width                                     131ns                135ns
      Marking depth                                    0.01-0.5mm
      Marking area              110*110mm / 175 *175mm / 200*200mm / 300*300mm
      Power consumption                600W            800W              1.2 KW
      Operating voltage                 110V- 240V/50-60 Hz/15A
      Cooling                  Air Cooling
      Packing size                 1150*870*1870mm (L*W*H)
      Gross weight                 330 KG
      Package                Standard export wooden case
Germany fiber laser marking machine with full protection cover 20W / 30W / 50W 
fiber laser marking machine

fiber laser marking machine_03
20W 30W 50W fiber laser engraving machine with full protection made in China
fiber laser marking machine_04fiber laser marking machine_05fiber laser marking machine_06

 Nanjing Speedy Laser company ; full enclosed protection fiber laser marking machine 
fiber laser marking machine_07
fiber laser marking machine_11

      Welcome inquiry for machine more specifications ;  E-mail :  gary@speedy-laser.com

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