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How does UV laser marking machine work?

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Ultraviolet laser marking machine belongs to the series of laser marking machine products, it is an emerging laser processing technology. Because the traditional laser marking machine uses a thermal processing technology, so there is lack of fineness.  The UV laser marking machine uses cold processing technology, and its fineness and thermal impact are a major leap in laser technology. This article is about the working principle of the machine, please check it out.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

The general knowledge about UV laser marking machine

The working principle of UV laser marking machine

The applications of UV laser marking machine

1. The general knowledge about UV laser marking machine

Laser marking is a method of marking / engraving. Compared with other types of technology, it has several advantages, especially in terms of sharpness, durability and speed of marking. With the advancement of labeling and product or packaging marking technology, laser utilization is one of the most effective, modern, and reliable marking methods. The biggest advantage of the laser marking system-in addition to the durability of the mark (which remains the same for a long time after the label is dropped)-is the use of limited consumables compared to marking or printing. The laser marking system is also very safe, requires little maintenance, and is easy to operate for most employees in the manufacturing industry.

With the continuous development of the laser application industry, the innovation of various types of laser equipment is also accelerating. Among them, the laser marking machine is an extremely important component in laser technology. The UV laser marking machine is one of a series of laser marking machines. This product is a newly developed mature laser processing technology.

In the field of modern precision machining, the traditional laser marking machine uses laser thermal processing technology, and its fineness limits the development. Under this background, the ultraviolet laser marking machine has become the darling of the new era. It uses a cold working process called "lighting" effect, that is, "cold working" (ultraviolet) photons, which have a very high load energy, can break the chemical bonds in the material or the surrounding medium, so that the material does not heat. So the fineness and thermal impact are minimal, this is a large laser technology

2. The working principle of UV laser marking machine

The reaction mechanism in ultraviolet laser processing is achieved by photochemical ablation. That is, laser energy is used to break the bonds between atoms or molecules, making it a small molecule to evaporate and evaporate. The focus point is extremely small, and the processing heat affected zone is extremely small. Therefore, ultra-fine marking and special material marking are possible.

Laser etching changes the roughness of the surface of the material by melting the surface of the material, while laser etching creates a deep gap by sublimating the surface of the material. This means that the surface will immediately absorb enough energy to change from solid to gas, but not to liquid.

In order to achieve sublimation, the UV laser marking machine must generate enough energy to allow the material surface to reach the evaporation temperature within a few milliseconds. Considering the extreme temperatures required for sublimation, UV laser marking machine are very powerful tools.

When the substance reaches this temperature, it vaporizes into smoke. Therefore, when you buy a laser system, it should always be equipped with a smoke extraction system to protect the working environment and an air knife to protect the lens of the laser

3. The applications of UV laser marking machine

Nowadays, with the rapid development of laser equipment and the increase of UV laser marking machine power. The UV laser marking machine is suitable for high-end market ultra-fine processing, iPhone packaging bottle surface, cosmetics, medicine, food and other polymer materials. Marking; marking and cutting of flexible PCB boards; processing of silicon wafer micro-holes and blind holes; liquid crystal glass, glassware surface, metal surface plating, plastic buttons, electronic originals, gifts, communication equipment, building materials, etc.

In a word, UV laser marking machine is a high-end machine using advanced technology.We also provide  CO2 laser marking machine, laser welding machine.


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