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  • Malaysia visit Speedy Laser company

    Warmly welcome Malaysia customer visit Speedy Laser Company.Warmly welcome Malaysia customer visit Speedy Laser Company for inspection 2000W fiber laser cutting machine and 1500W hand held fiber laser welding machine.

  • Welcome UK Customer Visit

    Warmly welcome UK customer visit Speedy Laser Company for training SL-FS 30W fiber laser marking machine. Customer very happy for speedy laser company engineer skills. Our UK customer got full training including machine maintenanice & technicial skill & software training.Hope our laser marking machi

  • Thailand Metalex Exhibition

    Thailand Metalex ExhibitionSpeedy Laser company attend Thailand Metalex Exhibition in Thailand.Exhibiton time : 20th-24th November 2019

  • Speedy Laser New Factory 1500 ㎡

    Dear customers: Thank you for your attention and support. Our company will relocate to the new factory from 1th July, 2017 due to the business development needs and the expansion of scale. The new factory have 1500², elegant environment, facilities, and more convenient for our new and old cus

  • How much does a laser welding machine cost?

    In the laser welding machine process, two parts are connected together. For this reason, both sides of the adjacent material melt. The melts combine to form joints. Laser welding has been used for about 30 years. So far, it has been used selectively and is highly competitive with traditional welding methods. Due to modern, additional production methods, such as three-dimensional printing of metal objects, laser welding is rapidly gaining attention. This article is mainly about the cost of the laser welding machine.

  • how long is the service life of UV laser marking machine?

    The principle of UV laser marking machine is similar to the other laser marking machine, all use laser beam to mark permanently on the surface of various materials. The marking effect is that the short-wavelength laser directly interrupts the molecular chain of the substance (unlike the long wave generated by the laser evaporation of the surface material exposing the deep substance) to show the desired etching patterns and features. So how long is the service life time of the machine and how to maintain the machine to make it service longer, we will explore the issues in this article.

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