Laser marking machine is an accurate, precise, extremely accurate and economical way for DPM (Direct Part Marking) of metals with non-contact, extremely durable laser engraving, etching and surface marking of your product. 

What Is Laser Marking Machine?

The laser marking machine is very successful technology, use a laser beam to make permanent marks on the surface of various materials. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, the laser can marking exquisite Text,number,patterns, logo, characters, QR code, Barcode and producst date. Wide range of applications, a variety of materials (metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, leather, wood ,PVC,etc.) can be marked.high-quality marking.No mechanical deformation,never clean forever keeping.


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Nanjing Speedy Laser Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2015, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser welding machine. We are located in Nanjing city with convenient transportation access. Our engineer have 15 years working experience in laser field. We always supposed not sell laser machine,but also sell service.Mostly machine we provide 2 years warranty.
We sell domestic and export machine many countries such as US, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Poland, UK, France, Italy, Czech, Netherland, Switzerland , Spain,Portugal,Russia, Ukraine,Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia,Jordan,Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, India etc.All global customer satisfy our machine quality and after sales service.
Speedy Laser is your best laser partner in China. Welcome inquiry.

Laser Marking Machine Classification

Fiber laser marking machine

Fiber Laser marking machine is an accurate, precise, extremely accurate and economical way for DPM (Direct Part Marking) of metals with non-contact, extremely durable laser engraving, etching and surface marking of your product. DPM, marking 2D data matrix codes, part numbers, serial number and any other required data logos, data matrix codes or serial numbers can be made on products and components, with a high-resolution finish. The fiber laser free maintenance.

MOPA laser marking machine

JPT MOPA laser marking, high power pulsed fiber lasers make use of master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) configuration, and show excellent laser performance as well as high level of temporal pulse shaping controllability. As compared to the Q-switching technology, the pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and pulse width can be controlled independently in MOPA configuration, through adjusting different combination of the above parameters, the peak power of laser can be well maintained. it is suitable for oxide aluminum black marking, 304 stainless steel color marking, black plastic white marking.

UV laser marking machine

The UV laser marking machine is developed by using 355nm UV laser. Compared with infrared lasers, the machine adopts three-stage intracavity frequency doubling technology.355 UV laser has a very small focus spot, which can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation of the material and the processing. The thermal impact is small, it is mainly used for ultra-fine marking and engraving, and it is especially suitable for applications such as marking, micro-perforating, high-speed division of glass materials, and complex pattern cutting of silicon wafers and wafers for food and pharmaceutical packaging materials. .

CO2 laser marking machine

The CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser marking machine adopts metal RF CO2 laser, equipped with high-speed scanning galvanometer and beam expanding focusing system, with high marking accuracy and fast speed;long continuous working time, clear and beautiful marking.The CO2 laser marking machine can marking variety of non-metallic materials such as bamboo products, wood, paper, ABS, PVC, epoxy resin, acrylic, leather,rubber, etc.

Application Of Laser Marking Machine

Metal steel sheet

The metal laser marking machine use the laser beam to remove the specific part of the metal material to achieve the desired effect or mark. In metal engraving applications.The laser can marking pattern,logo,serials Number on the surface of various metal materials.

Silver gold jewelry

Laser marking is a more efficient alternative for producing creative designs.  Whether used to create classical styles, to engrave rings, to add a special inscription to a watch, or to decorate a necklace or to personalize a bracelet – the laser marking offers you the opportunity to work on countless shapes and materials. 

Logistic plastic seals

Once use laser marking done on the security seals, being them plastic or metal seals, this is a permanent printing solution. The laser print is very resistant on chemical fluids, scratches or other mechanical actions compared to the thermo transfer printing solutions.

Food & drinking packing

In the traditional technology, ink jet printing is widely used to mark the date, batch number and production location of food packaging bags. However, ink jet printing is easy to be erased.Through the technical processing of laser marking machine, we can see the logo or batch number, date code engraved by laser ...

Materials Can Be Marked By Laser Marking Machine

Speedy Laser systems can marking all of metal and non metal,plastic,wood, leather,acrylic etc, Below is only a sample of some of the materials that have been marked with one of our fiber laser systems.17-4 PH stainless steel,303 stainless,4043 steel,6061 Aluminum,Brass, Brushed aluminum, Carbon steel, Copper,Hard coat anodized aluminum, Machine tool steel, PE PT plastic, Wood, acrylic, paper,stone,ceramic etc.

Laser Marking Machine Sample Display

How To Operate The Laser Marking Machine ?

  • Domestic customer Speedy Laser provide free installation and debugging in customer factory. Speedy Laser engineer will give customer operator free training and machine maintenance.

    Export machine, engineer installation & training also available.

    Speedy Laser provide detailed user manual and video,help customer use laser.

    Speedy Laser provide customized machine drawing & solution free.

    Speedy Laser give customer 7*24 hours online service.

Laser Marking Machine FAQ

  • Q Will the process damage my material?

    No, but it will change it permanently. However, one of the biggest benefits of using a laser is that because it is a non-contact process and very precise, it will only change the area it is working in. This allows you to leave a mark only on the target area without affecting the area around it.
    In addition to this, no material is actually removed during the process. Instead, it only changes the color through heating and oxidation.
  • Q How does it differ from laser engraving?

    While the two are similar in nature and sometimes even synonymous, they do have important differences that are not always highlighted. Laser marking is leaving a permanent mark on the surface of the material only. Laser engraving, on the other hand, is leaving a permanent engraving in the material.
    Laser marking oxidizes the surface of the material being treated when the engraving vaporizes the area it is aimed at, thus permanently removing a portion of the material to leave the engraving. As a result, the engraving will have significant depth. The depth can be controlled depending on how you use the laser beam. Read our laser engraving FAQ's and answers here.
  • Q What industries is this process used in?

    Given the wide variety of materials that can be laser marked and the many applications that can be accomplished, laser marking is used in a wide variety of industries. This includes.
    Automotive - serial number marking, dashboard marking and dozens of uses on automotive parts
    Aerospace - day and night marking of cockpit panels, nozzle marking and parts manufacturing
    Electronics - printed circuit board marking, component strip marking and more
    Jewelry - adding intricate designs, enhancing stones/removing inclusions
    Medical - Marking of various devices in a sterile manner and
    Semiconductors - all aspects of semiconductor marking

Other Machine Recommendations

CO2 laser marking machine adopts RF metal laser tube and high-speed laser scanning system. EZCAD marking software control modules,low power consumption,long life marking ,stable and perfect marking quality support. Marking all of non metal like wood,acrylic,leather materials etc.
CO2 laser marking machine adopts America advanced RF metal laser tube and high-speed laser scanning system. Using software control modules,low power consumption,long life marking ,stable and perfect marking quality support . Maintenance-free,machine can marking all of non metal like wood,acrylic,leather materials.
SL UV laser marking machine developed by using 355nm UV laser. This machine uses a third-order intra-cavity frequency doubling technology compared with infrared lasers. The mechanical deformation of the material is greatly reduced and the thermal impact of processing is small,mainly used for ultra-fine marking and engraving.
small enclosed laser marking machine wide range application, mainly for all kinds of metal and most plastic. Especially suitable for hardware tools, kitchenware knifes, plastic seals products, metal jewelry, label, integrate circuits, frames, plumbing fittings and other products marking.
What Can Speedy-Laser Offer You?

Pre-Sales Service

1) Provide relevant technical issues answers about our machine.
2) Free Sample Making & Catalogue is available.
3) Provide progressing solution design to different requirements customer.
4) Warmly welcome visit our company, we will provide best hotel for sleep.

Post-Sales Service

1) Some of machine, we offer 5-7 days quick delivery time.
2) Strict Quality Control, we provide high quality machine to customers according to contract. Every machine should be texting 24 hours before packing.
3) Special Designing, Customized, OEM Order accept

After-Sales Service

1) We provide all equipment and technical data specified in the contract. From the date of purchase,customer can be come to our company for free technical training at any time, and enjoy free software upgrade.
2) We offer 2 years guarantee for some of machine.
3) Free Training Service. We can go to customer place for training.
For more detailed information on our industrial laser equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us, and look forward to working with you!
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