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Raycus 6000W 6000*2000mm fiber laser cutting machine

fiber laser cutting machine, cutting table size : 6000*2000mm. Laser power : Raycus / IPG 4000W / 6000W / 120000W. Japna Fiji motor. Cypcut cutting software.
  • SL-6020F 6000W / 12000W / 20000W

  • Speedy Laser

  • 8456110090

Laser Power:

       SL-6020F 6600W fiber laser metal cutting machine 6000*2000mm

Machine features:
1).Lower operation cost,every hour only consumed 0.5W to 1.5W.
2).High performance qualified fiber generator,high reliability and longevity of service. Max life reach to more than 50,000 hours.
3).Higher cutting speed and efficient,Max cutting speed can be reach 10m/min in cutting 1mm mild steel.
4).Free maintenance for fiber laser generator
5).Smooth cutting surface,little deformation,pretty leveling appearance.
6).Import transmission parts and servo motor, high dynamic movement performance, high cutting precision.
7). Dedicated software enables graphic or text into instantly designed pr processed.Flexiable and easy operation.

   Raycus 66000W fiber laser metal cutting machine 20mm stainless steel / 16mm Stainless steel.

Technical Parameters:

         Item Name                     Technical Parameter
     1        Model                      SL-6020F
     2         Laser generator                      Max/ Raycus  / IPG  fiber laser
     3         Laser power                      6000W / 12000W / 20000W
     4         Laser wavelength                     1080nm
     5         Cutting table size                     6000mm*2200mm
     6         Acceleration                     1.2 G
     7         Max positioning speed                    60m/min
     8         X/Y axis positioning accuracy                    ± 0.05mm/m    
     9         X/Y axis repositioning accuracy                    ± 0.03mm
    10        Support graphic format                    DXF,PLT,DWG etc     
    11         Max cutting thickness ( 3000W )                   Stainless steel :16 mm,  Mild steel:25 mm
    12         Total power                   ±  45 KW 
    13          Power supply requirement                  3 phase 380V,50Hz-60Hz ,60A
    14         Main machine dimension                 9020*3500*1800mm

   Max / Raycus 6000W/ 12000W/ 20000W CNC fiber metal laser cutting machine

      2000W 3000W 4000W fiber laser metal cutting machine 6000*2000mm

6000W Laser cutting-56000W Laser cutting-6

       Raycus 3000W 6000W fiber laser metal cutting machine 6000*2000mm

6000W Laser cutting-7

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