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The application of UV laser marking machine?

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The UV laser marking machine is composed of working material, pump source and optical cavity. It is also a solid material used as a working substance laser. Under the action of the pump source, the working material undergoes an inverse distribution of particle numbers, which becomes the active material, thereby amplifying the laser beam. More importantly, part of the amplified beam is fed back to participate in the excitation, and then the resonant cavity oscillates, and the laser can be generated after certain conditions are met. So what’s the applications of UV laser marking machine, let's find out.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

UV laser marking machine in 3D printing and manufacturing

UV laser marking machine in excellent marking

UV laser marking machine in metal cutting

UV laser marking machine in glass engraving

1. UV laser marking machine in 3D printing and manufacturing

The UV laser scans the liquid photosensitive resin point by point under the control of a calculator. Then scan layer by layer according to the cross-sectional profile of each layer of the predetermined part. The scanned resin layer is subjected to photopolymerization and curing molding.

In recent years, the 3D printing industry has developed rapidly, making the SLA manufacturing process more complete. In addition, as the printing process becomes more and more mature, higher requirements are placed on UV laser marking machines.

2. UV laser marking machine in excellent marking

The ultraviolet laser wavelength is 355nm, which is a cold light source, which can be absorbed by the material well and has little damage to the material.

UV laser marking machine is widely used on the surface of plastic, metal, ceramic, glass and other materials. With the increasing demand for industrialization, the application of online marking is becoming more and more extensive. Indeed, the power demand caused by it is also increasing.

3. UV laser marking machine in metal cutting

With the increase of ultraviolet laser power, the cutting field has also been more and more widely used. For example, cover film, PCB board, metal plate and silicon wafer. Compared with traditional CNC cutting, UV laser cutting has the unique flexibility of processing various curves and small angle cutting. Therefore, the UV laser cutting machine is not only more efficient, but also can improve the yield of processed products.

Taking the PCB board as an example, the cladding material is copper-aluminum alloy. There are 7W and 10W UV laser processing with two different powers. In order to cut the PCB board, the edge of the slice is neat and there is no aliasing.

The results of the two treatments are in compliance with the standard requirements. Therefore, 10W power processing is more efficient and can better meet manufacturing needs. In fact, this also represents that high-power UV laser equipment will become more and more popular in the future.

4. UV laser marking machine in glass engraving

Glass is made by fusing silicon and other chemicals (the main raw materials are: soda ash, limestone, quartz). A non-metallic material based on silicate, which forms a continuous network structure when melted, the viscosity gradually increases during cooling, and it hardens to crystallize. As a synthetic material, it exudes a quiet and pure taste, showing the form of virtual beauty, light and beauty, imagery beauty, time and space and fun. This glass is beautiful, but not good enough.

UV laser marking machine belongs to laser marking machine series, which is developed by 355nm UV laser. The machine uses three-stage intra-cavity frequency doubling technology, which is comparable to infrared lasers. The 355 UV focus point is very small, which can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation of the material and has little effect on the processing heat. Mainly used for superfine marking and engraving. Especially suitable for high-speed cutting of food, medical packaging materials, micropores, glass materials and silicon materials. Wafers are used in applications such as complex pattern cutting.

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