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What is UV laser marking machine?

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Both fiber laser marking machines and UV laser marking machines can carve many materials, plastics, leather, metal, etc. However, what are the main differences? Why one is more expensive than the other? In this article, we will explain the differences between these two technologies and their main uses.The following knowledge points are listed below:

The outlook of the UV laser marking machine

The materials that a UV laser marking machine could engrave

The advantage of UV laser marking machine

The disadvantage of UV laser marking machine

1. The outlook of the UV laser marking machine

From the appearance, the main structure of the two machine is similar, but the technology used inside is different. The power supply used by fiber laser marking machine is different from that of UV laser marking machine. The difference is that UV laser marking machine need to be cooled by chillers, while fiber laser marking machine only need to be cooled by air.

2. The materials that a UV laser marking machine could engrave

The fiber laser engraving machine is mainly used in the metal lettering industry to provide solutions for the metal lettering industry. It can perform lettering on various metal materials. While the UV laser marking machine are designed as a practical way to mark plastics and glass. UV laser marking machines can engrave a large number of materials, from metal to paper. Check the list of materials that this machine can engrave and mark.

UV laser common applications : some metals / all plastics / all glass / some stones / paper / leather / fruits / wood / ceramic /garments

Fiber laser common applications : all metals / some plastics / some stones / leathers / some papers / some garments

Generally speaking, the UV laser marking machine is mainly used for fine processing in the high-end market. It marks the surface of packaging bottles of high-molecular materials such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. The effect is good, the marking is clear and firm, better than ink printing, no pollution; PCB board marking and scribing; silicon wafers, micro-hole LCD glass with blind hole processing; two-dimensional code marking and glass surface marking, metal surface coating marking, plastic buttons, gifts, electronic components, communication equipment, Building materials, etc.

3. The advantage of UV laser marking machine

The main advantage of UV laser marking machine technology is the versatility and ability to engrave on different materials including non-metallic materials. The technology can also be applied to automation systems such as rotary engraving, linear guide engraving, conveyor belt engraving, camera systems, etc.

the main advantage of fiber laser engraving machine is its ability to engrave, mark, engrave and metal materials at high speed. Fiber laser can also mark different non-metallic materials, but the result of engraving on this material will not be as good as ultraviolet laser. However, this is the additional point for the fiber laser machine, fully capable of working on metals and some non-metallic materials.

4. The disadvantage of UV laser marking machine

One of the disadvantages of UV laser marking machine technology is that the ability to engrave on metal is very weak. If you are looking for a machine that can engrave metal, then fiber laser engraving machine will be a better choice.

The disadvantage of this machine is when we want to engrave non-metallic materials. We cannot sculpt or mark several materials that it can sculpt, such as wood, glass, all plastics, paper, or general transparent objects. For example, this machine can engrave two very common plastics, ABS and PLA, in different products. The engraving on this plastic material has a melting of 5% to 10%. When we use a fiber laser machine, this means that when you touch with your finger, you may feel the surface of the engraving just by touching it. This is something that will never happen with a UV laser engraving machine.

So now you know what a UV laser marking machine is now? Here you can choose difference product including: laser welding machine, CO2 laser marking machine.


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