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how to choose and buy laser marking machine?

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Laser marking beyond a doubt is the most flexible and simple means of direct part identification or serialization available today. The ability to mark on a host of different materials by simply changing various parameters, offers an unsurpassed control, flexibility, quality and speed versus other types of marking methods. 

Speedy Laser Advanced Technologies including fiber laser ,UV laser,CO2 laser,Diode end pump laser marking systems are available with an average power from 3W-100W with perfect laser beam,motion integrated controls,free maintenance.

Laser marking systems are capable of marking in English NO,TEXT,LOGO,2D,3D, data matrix codes, bitmap photos, serialization, graphics,QR codes, security code etc…Our laser marking machines are capable of marking on the different type materials…


A Laser marking / engraving machine for metal machine leaves an actual mark on stainless steel and other metals. It results in ablation of the material on laser marking stainless steel parts. The material vaporizes and changes the color where the fiber laser etching occurs. Because of the very high energy of the laser, materials like steel, titanium and other metals can be vaporized directly, we also provide fiber laser marking machineportable fiber laser marking machine.



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