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200W laser welding machine for jewelry

Jewelry laser spot welding is an important way of laser materials processing technology applications, spot welding process is hot conduction type, laser radiation heating the surface, the surface of the heat through the heat transfer based internal diffusion, by controlling the laser pulse width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency and other parameters, so that the work piece to melt to form a specific pool. Because of its unique advantages, it has been successfully applied to gold and silver jewelry processing and micro, small parts welding.
  • SL-WJ 200W
  • Speedy Laser
  • 8515809090
Equipment features:
1). Energy, pulse width, frequency, spot size can be adjusted within a wide range, in order to achieve a variety of        welding results. Parameter adjustment lever by a closed cavity, simple and efficient.

2). The British imported ceramic condenser cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature, high photoelectric        conversion efficiency, the condenser chamber life (8--10 years), xenon lamp life of more than 8 million times.

3). The world's most advanced automatic shading system, eliminating the time to protect the eyes.

4). With 24 hours of continuous work capacity,performance and stability, within 1,500 hours  maintenance-free.

5). User-friendly design, ergonomic, long working hours without fatigue.

6). Speed, high efficiency, depth, small deformation, small heat-affected zone, high quality welding, spot clean,      efficient and environmentally friendly.

Widely used in aviation, aerospace, sporting goods, jewelry, golf club heads, medical equipment, aluminum dentures, instruments, electronics, machining, automotive and other industries, in particular for the fill hole silver platinum titanium stainless steel jewelry accessories point weld lines, precious stones and claw feet by welding.
Jewelry laser welding machine Technical parameters:
             Model                         SL-WJ 200W
             Laser type                           Nd:YAG
             Laser Wavelength                          1064nm
             Laser Power                           200W
             Laser Engery                            80J
             Pulse Width                        less 20ms
             Pulse Frequency                         ≤ 50Hz
             Beam Diameter                       0.1-3.0 mm
             Observing System                     microscope
             Chamber Illumination type                     LED lamps
             Parameters Memorization                    10 groups
             Protection Alert type                    Flow alert
             Language Display                 Chinese/English
             Shield gas supply                    One line
             Cooling System                 Water cooling
             Power consumption                    6KW
             Power Supply               220V±10% /50Hz
             Welding chamber dimensions               300*450*150mm (L*W*H)
             Machine Dimensions               920mm*560mm*1220mm (L*W*H)
             Running environment                5-30 degree, 5%-75% humidity
             Net Weight                130kg(welder)+50kg(chiller)
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