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Hand-held 1000W 1500W Fiber Laser Welding Machine

The fiber continuous welding machine is a high-end, new type of welding method. The laser beam is coupled to the fiber, and after being transmitted over a long distance, it is processed into parallel light. Focusing on the work piece to carry out continuous welding, the welding effect is stronger and the weld seam is more fine and beautiful due to the continuity of the light output.
  • SL-WF 1000W
  • Speedy Laser
  • 8015809090

Machine introduction:

1).1000W Raycus fiber laser source, the laser life 80,000--100,000 hours,free maintenance.
2). Hand-held holding welding head is easily operated,pciking and moving.
3). Using special welding software .it has function of continuous laser beam ,and the adjustable output waveform,

      which can assure the precious and high-speed welding.
4). It can weld different size metal ,includes the stainless steel,carbon steel,cooper,aluminum alloy,Zinc.

Hand-held laser welding
Technical parameters:

        Item Name                       Technical Parameter
         Model                         SL-WF 1000W
         Laser Power                         1000W
         Laser wavelength                        1080 ±5 nm
         Laser type                      Raycus fiber laser source
         Beam diameter                          M2<1.2
         Maxmodulation frequency                          5 KHz
         Output power stability                          3 %
        Fiber cable length                         15 Meter
        Welding thickness ( 1000W )                        0.5-2 mm stainless steel
        Rated power consumption                         7000W
        Operating voltage                     220V- 380V 50-60 Hz/15A
        Cooling                      Water Cooling

1000W 1500W Raycus fiber laser welding machine with Hand held welding machine

laser welding hand held

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          Hand-held 1000W 1500W Fiber Laser Welding Machine 

fiber laser welding machine

1000W fiber laser weldinglaser welding machine1000W laser welding

Machine Application:

Suitable for welding different metal stainless steel,aluminum, brass etc.

fiber laser welding

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