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Raycus Max 30 watt fiber laser engraving machine

SL-FM 30W fiber laser marking machine mainly composed of fiber laser source, galvo scanner and marking software. good beam quality. Its output center is 1064nm and the life of the whole machine is about 80,000 hours,the conversion efficiency is 2-10%, which has great advantages in energy efficiency and environmental protection.
  • SL-FM 30W
  • Speedy Laser
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Laser Power:

       Split Raycus 30 watt fiber laser engraving machine

Product Description:

1). High quality beam, consumable free, small machine dimension.
2). Fiber laser source, without any adjustment collimating optical element.
3).  Smaller output laser beam ,fine marking line. Suitable high precision marking.

4). Using environment is liberal, Long life, laser generator life over 80,000 hours.

Technical Parameter:
           Item Name
                                                    Technical Parameters
       SL-FM 30W
 SL-FM 50W     SL-FM 60W
           Laser Power   30W 50W 60W
           Laser wavelength 1064nm
           Laser type               China Raycus / JPT / Germany IPG fiber laser
           Marking speed   ≤ 6000mm/s
           Repeat frequency                       30KHz-100KHz     1KHz-4000KHz
           Pulse width              131ns       2-500ns
           Marking depth                                                    0.01-0.5 mm
           Marking area                                        110*110mm/175*175mm
           Power consumption 600W    800W         1000W
           Operating voltage                   110V- 240V/50-60 Hz/15A
           Cooling                   Air Cooling
           Packing size                   88*42*81cm (L*W*H)
           Gross weight                   62 KG
           Package                  Standard export wooden case

fiber laser marking machine 20W 30W 50W 100W. Fiber laser engraving metal laser engraving machine. The laser can marking all of metals.

fiber laser marking20W fiber laser
 20W / 30W / 50W /60W/100W fiber laser marking machine. We provide 2 years warranty.

         Raycus / IPG / JPT 50W 60W fiber laser marking engraving machine

fiber 20W laser marking

Speedy Laser customer-2

  Raycus / IPG / JPT 50W 60W fiber laser marking engraving machine

Deep engraving samples

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